Year 9 Curriculum


LIT Paper 2 Unseen Poetry – Comparison

Havisham + Valentine Two Scavengers + Nothing’s Changed. Out of the Blue and Mametz Wood

Half Termly Assessment

  • Comparison of two poems – e.g. Nothing’s Changed with Two Scavengers
  • Timed essay: Compare ‘Out of the Blue’ with one other poem.

LIT PAPER 2 An Inspector Calls

Read and go over general themes/characters. Practice essay writing.

Half Termly Assessment – Priestley’s use of Dramatic Irony How the theme of responsibility is explored in the play.

Lang Unit 1 Explorations into Creative Reading (unseen fiction passage)

1 Practice Paper

Half Termly assessment

  • AQA Specimen Paper
  • Heart of Darkness Paper (3 BFG – Homework)

Lang Unit 1 – Creative Writing

Skills and Development Practice

Half Termly Assessment

  • AQA Specimen Paper
  • Waterfall Picture to write story from (3 Homework – Desert Picture)

LIT Paper 1 Romeo and Juliet

Read and go over general themes/characters. Practice essay writing.

Half Termly Assessment

  • 2 essays Friar Laurence extract and question on love Lord Capulet extract and question on character

If Time LIT Paper 2 Begin 15 poems – Relationships

Approx. 7-8 poems from list

End of year test

  • Essay comparing two poems.


Ratio and Proportion

CH2-one quantity as a fraction of another, Multiplying and dividing of fractions, Increasing and decreasing percentages. (NZ) Number CH1-Solving real life problems, Multiplication & division of decimals, multiples factors and prime numbers. (SK)


CH8- Algebraic manipulation, collecting lik terms, factorising, quadratic expansion & quadratic factorisation. (NZ) Shape and space CH9-Lengths, area and volume (SK)


CH15- Solving and simultaneous equations. (NZ) Number CH14- Powers & standard form (SK) CH15- Counting, accuracy powers & Surds. (SK)


CH3- statistical diagrams and averages (NZ) Geometry and Measure CH6- Angle facts, Triangles, Angles in polygon, regular polygons & Angles in parallel lines (SK)


CH10- Drawing linear graphs, gradients of lines, finding equations from lines and real life graphs. Solving simultaneous equations from graphs (NZ) CH13- Exploring and applying probability (SK)

Shape & Space

CH11- Pythagoras theorm, finding shorter and longer side and application to real life situations. Statistics (SK) CH18- collecting data, Frequency polygons, cumulative frequency graphs, box plots and histograms. (NZ)


Marvellous Metals

  • Reactions of metals with oxygen
  • Metals & Water
  • Metals & Acid
  • Reactivity Series
  • Solid Displacement
  • Solution Displacement
  • Extraction of Metals using Electrolysis & Smelting
  • Process
  • Metal Corrosion

Chemical Reactions

  • Chemical Reaction
  • Combustion
  • Energy From Fuels
  • Oxidation
  • Acid & Metal
  • Carbonates Neutralisation
  • Exothermic & Endothermic Reactions
  • Conservation Of Mass

Cell Biology

  • Looking at cells
  • The Light Microscope
  • Practical- Using light microscope
  • Primitive cells
  • Cell division
  • Stem cells
  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Respiration

Cell Biology

  • Growing microorganisms
  • Testing new Antibiotics
  • Math Skills - Size & number
  • Photosynthesis
  • Looking at Photosynthesis
  • Investigating the structure of leaf
  • Increasing photosynthesis
  • Green house – increasing food production
  • Key concept- diffusion in living systems
  • Transport of water & food in plants
  • Investigating Transpiration
  • Math Skills- surface area to volume ratio

Transport System in Living Things

  • Explaining movement of water Diffusion, Osmosis & Active Transport
  • Practical investigate the effect of concentrations of salt solutions on mass of plant tissue

Investigating Need for Transport System

  • Explaining Enzymes
  • Practical- effect of pH & temperature on activity of Enzyme Digestive system
  • Digestion Practical - Food tests
  • Exchange surfaces
  • Circulatory system
  • Exploring heart
  • Studying blood
  • Learning about coronary heart diseases
  • Math skills
  • Extracting & Interpreting information


  • Introduction to Urdu
  • Meet and greet
  • Handwriting practice of the alphabet
  • Days of the week
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Months in Urdu
  • Forming sentences
  • Handwriting practice
  • Mera haaandan
  • My family learning the vocabulary to the names of family members
  • Forming basic sentences
  • My home
  • What are the names of different rooms of the house hold
  • Applying previous knowledge to help support to make sentences
  • Holidays
  • My favourite holiday
  • Which country i have visited
  • Where I would like to visit and why
  • Weather
  • Describe the weather
  • Good weather
  • Names of different seasons


Computational Thinking

Learning about how to use algorithm to solve complex problems.

3D Design

Using sketch up how you can design in 3D, Learning the software and be able to use Sketch up confidently.

Gangsta Zoo Project

Introducing MS Excel in a fun way where Gangsta Zoo is a project where students will need to use spreadsheets do work on the tasks.

E-Waste, Recycling and Infographics

Students will be able to explain the meaning of electronic waste and digital dumping and list some health issues relating to digital dumping. Be able to create a draft design for their own infographic

Movie Maker

Be able to use movie maker to edit sound clips and be able to create an advert.

Data Handling

Introduction to Ms Access in a fun way - project on super heroes, be able to understand how data was on paper and how we store data on computers.

Islamic Studies

  • Makkan period in Arabia
  • Life of Hazrat Fatima Zahra PBUH
  • Hazrat Khaitija RA Persecution
  • Madinan Period up to the Treaty of Hudaibiya
  • Hijra
  • Life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  • Wife Aisha RA
  • Battle of Badar
  • Character of Muhammad PBUH
  • Mercy
  • Forgiveness
  • Patience
  • Rights of women in Islam
  • Final sermon of Muhammad PBUH
  • Family lineage of Muhammad PBUH
  • Own family tree
  • Preparation for Ramadan
  • Benefits of Ramadan
  • Virtues of Ramadan
  • Look at the lives of the Great Caliphs S.Abu Bakr Sadiq Umar
  • Look at the 10 blessed companions
  • The Caliphs Uthman RA Hazrat Ali
  • Look at the 2 noble wives of Muhammad PBUH

Arabic Lang







Quranic Studies

  • Recitation of: Inshiqaaq, Mutaffifeen
  • Rules: Madd Asli, Madd Muttasil
  • Tafsir: Yaseen
  • Hifz/Duas
  • Recitation of: Infitaar, Takweer
  • Rules: Madd Munfasil, Madd Leen
  • Tafsir of: Mulk, Waaqiah
  • Hifz/Duas
  • Recitation of: Abasa
  • Rules:Madd Aarid, Laazim
  • Tafsir of: ArRahmaan
  • Hifz/Duas
  • Recitation of: Naaziaat
  • Rules: Waqf
  • Tafsir: Sajdah Hujuraat
  • Hifz/Duas
  • Selected Recitation
  • Rules: Letter Raa
  • Tafsir of: Al-Kahf
  • Hifz/Duas
  • Selected Recitation
  • Rules:Letter Raa
  • Tafsir of: Al-Kahf
  • Hifz/Duas