Year 8 Curriculum


Novel: The Edge or Private Peaceful

Two Assessment tasks – formative + summative focusing on:

  • Persuasive Writing

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Poetry Analysis WWII

Two Assessment tasks – formative + summative focusing on:

  • Essay writing – PEE focus

Comparison of two poems

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Narrative Focus

Two Assessment tasks – formative + summative focusing on:

  • Descriptive /Creative

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Pre 1914 Short Stories/Lang Paper 2

Two Assessment tasks – formative + summative focusing on:

  • Comparative Essay Writing

What do you learn about the two animals and their relationships with humans? Paper 2 Lang AQA


Two Assessment tasks – formative + summative focusing on:

  • Letter from Lady Macbeth
  • Essay Writing

How does Shakespeare present the relationship between Macbeth and his wife in Act 1, scene 7?

How does Shakespeare use language and dramatic devices to reveal the changes in character of Macbeth?

Of Mice and Men

Assessment: End of Year exam

AQA Lang Paper 1 Based on Extract from 'Of Mice and Men'.


Number 1

Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Number 2

Positive and negative numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) Square numbers, square roots, cube numbers and cube roots.

Number 3

Factors and highest common factors, multiples and lowest common multiples. Multiplying and dividing by the power of 10.

Number 4

Fractions (equivalent fractions, adding and subtraction, multiplying and dividing) BIDMAS

Geometry & Measures 1

Area of triangles, Area of parallelogram and trapezium, surface area of 3D shapes (cube cuboid and prism).


Understanding algebra notations variables, terms and expressions, collecting like terms, expanding brackets, simplifying, factorising and solving equations.


Calculating percentages. Calculating the result of a percentage change (increase and decrease

Geometry & Measures 2

Parallel and perpendicular lines. Angles in triangles and quadrilateral construction.


Probability scales, mutually exclusive events, experimental probability and calculating probabilities.

Interpretation of Data

Information from charts. Pie charts scatter graphs and correlation.


The circle and its parts, circumference of a circle, formula for the circumference of a circle and formula for the area of a circle.


Direct proportion, graphs and direct proportions and comparing direct proportion and inverse proportion.


Using flow diagrams to generate sequences, the nth term of a sequence, working out the nth term of a sequence and the Fibonacci sequence.

Congruence and Scaling

Congruent shapes, enlargement, shapes and ratio and scales.


From linear equations, gradient of a straight line and graphs from simple quadratic equations.

Comparing Data

Grouped frequency tables, drawing frequency diagrams, comparing data and average



Introduction to Chemistry

  • What is difference between Elements & compounds
  • Periodic Table
  • Symbols of Elements
  • Formulas & Naming Different Compounds
  • Word Equation & Symbol Equation

Our Planet

  • Learning about Solar System
  • 3 Different types of Rocks
  • Weathering & different types of weathering
  • Acid rain
  • Erosion Rock Cycle

Living Things – Body Systems

  • Cell, tissue & organs
  • The Digestive System
  • Food & a Balanced diet
  • Breathing- Inhaling & Exhaling
  • Heart & Circulation
  • Excretion
  • The Nervous System


  • Eco System
  • Structure Of leaf & Photosynthesis
  • Food Chain & Food Web
  • Food Pyramids 7 Energy Flow
  • Predators & prey
  • Habitats & Adaptations

Light & Space

  • Materials & Light
  • Mirror & Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Colours of Rainbow
  • Sources of light
  • Solar System
  • Phases of Moon
  • Seasons & Eclipses

Heat & Sound

  • Taking temperature
  • Difference between Heat & temperature
  • Conduction & Insulation
  • Radiation & convection
  • Sound, how sound travels


What is Geography

  • Understanding the reason behind the study of geography
  • Be able to identify Physical and Human Environment
  • Learning about different Landscapes and landforms


  • What Tourism is
  • Why tourism is important to the countries economy
  • How this can be managed

Rivers and Floods

  • Rivers in the lowland and uplands
  • Learning about the water cycle
  • Learning about Floods and impact on flooding has caused

Weather and Climate

  • Learning about weather
  • How it is measured
  • How to be able to produce a weather report

Rich and Poor Counties

  • Understanding what makes a poor/rich country
  • Identify different ways to measure wealth and development


  • Learning about Volcanoes and the Hazards


Gangsta Zoo (Spreadsheets) (6 Lessons) & Online safety: Cyberbullying and grooming (2 Weeks)

Introducing MS Excel in a fun way where Gangsta Zoo is a project where students will need to use spreadsheets do work on the tasks.

DTP Leaflets

Be able to produce leaflets and booklets professionally.

Information, Reliability, Validity and Bias (8 Weeks)

How to assess the validity of Information, be able to identify biased and inaccurate information, learn different techniques to search for information effectively.


Be able to program in Python and identify errors and fix the errors in order to run the program.

Computer Viruses/ Passwords/Digital Footprint/Binary

Be able to identify what a virus is. Identify different ways to avoid getting a computer virus. Be able to identify what a digital footprint is and who might wish to access and make use of their digital footprint.

Representing Data, Including Text, Sounds and Images

Understanding of bitmap, Pixel be able to format and save images for different purpose.

Art & Design

Graffiti project

  • Essay on chosen artist
  • Sample work of lettering styles
  • Design ideas for final piece
  • Start work and complete final piece
  • Introduce new topic: Surrealism.


  • Choose an object and change its texture
  • Preparatory studies
  • Create a piece of artwork in your chosen medium


  • Choose an object and draw it in an unusual location
  • Preparatory studies
  • Create a final piece of work in chosen medium.



Islamic Studies







Arabic Lang







Quranic Studies

  • Makhaarij
  • Tafsir of Surahs Qadr
  • Alaq
  • Duas/Hifz
  • Recitation of Shams
  • Layl
  • Makhaarij
  • Tafsir: Teen
  • Sharh
  • Duas/Hifz
  • Recitation: Fajr
  • Ghashiyah
  • Makhaarij
  • Tafsir: Duhaa
  • First 5 Verses of Baqarah
  • Recitation: A’laa
  • Taariq of Al-Baqarah
  • Recitation: Burooj
  • Inshiqaaq
  • Duas/Hifz
  • Parents
  • Rules: Letter Raa
  • Duas/Hifz
  • Recitation: Mutaffifeen
  • Duas/Hifz
  • Tafsir: Ayatul
  • Kursi, Last 2 Verses
  • Rules: Letter Laam
  • Recitation: Selective
  • Tafsir: Manners
  • Tafsir: Respecting
  • Duas/Hifz
  • Rules: Letter Raa


  • New school year
  • Future aspirations
  • Economic Wellbeing
  • Healthy Choices: Risks and dangers
  • Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Healthy Choices: Illegal substances.
  • Relationships
  • Equal opportunities